Welcome to our Flag Section.

In 2021/2022 we worked towards our fourth green flag which was on the theme 'Travel.'

In September '21 our Green School Committee was established.

We took part in Bike Week in our school and C.O.W. (Cycle On Wednesday) was a huge success when 31 pupils cycled on Wednesday September 15th, 2021.

We also had a bike workshop where all the pupils learned how to look after their bike and equipment. It was so informative.

We realised it would be a good idea to apply for a bicycle shelter and we now know our application was successful.

We also took part in Climate Action Week and made our own Climate Action Pledge to


In November '21, we made our Clean Air Pledges for Clean Air Week. We also sowed a wild cherry sapling.

The sixth class were so lucky to take part in the Cycle Right Training programme.

They even got to take to the local roads around Castlemitchell to hone their new skills.

Our committee also conducted a No Idling Survey and sent a letter to all our school community asking them to partake in our No Idling Pledge.

Just before the midterm our school took part in the Big Travel Challenge.

They do Trojan work to keep us focused on our theme.

In March '22 our Green School's Committee contacted the CCCDA to see if Churchtown N.S could take part in the Annual Clean Up.

We were one of the first schools to take part in the Green Kilometre!

Dara Wyer came to visit our school and gave an interesting and informative talk on Environmental Awareness. We received many native saplings to plant around our grounds.

We took part in National Bike Week in May.

We found out our Green Flag application had been acccepted and we had a big celebration!

This year we are starting to work on Biodiversity. Our committee are busy taking surveys and checking our understanding.